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BlackForest Landscaping & Lawn Care

Humble Beginnings

After years of working for different landscaping companies, I understood that sometimes, quality of work was lost in order to operate at a profit.  This was something I just didn't feel comfortable with.  If I was going to do something, I wanted to do it right.  I wanted to leave clients with a beautiful yard, a smile, and a sigh of relief as they sunk into a relaxing evening on their patio.  That's why I decided to go my own way and start BlackForest Landscaping.  This way, it was all simplified.  Nobody else to answer to, but the client, and my conscience.  


Why BlackForest?

I came up with the name BlackForest as a nod to my Opa, who grew up in Germany, and emigrated here after the war.  He spend years travelling across Canada, staying for years at a time in spots, while he saved enough to travel across this massive country.  He told the story of making his way to Vancouver, getting off the train and wandering through what was then downtown, as he searched for a place to rest his head.  Roaming through the streets, he found himself walking down Davie, toward English Bay.  With a view unobstructed by the large towers and billboards we see today, he was able to stare straight across the water, transfixed, at the dominating expanse of lush, green, forest that draped North Vancouver.  Images that reminded him of a home he left many years before in the Black-Forest of Germany.  He knew then that his travels were over, as he decided to rest his feet. and call Vancouver, BC, Canada, his home.

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