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What to Choose?

One of the most common things we hear from Homeowners and Strata Councils is

"I'm not  sure..what would you recommend?"

So here's some helpful information to guide you towards the Lawn Care Services that are right for you.


What We Offer


Weekly/ Bi-Weekly Service

Do you book your next hair cut on the walk out of the salon?   Perhaps even schedule it a week sooner than the receptionist suggests?

Then  weekly lawn service is likely the right choice for you. 

If you the type of person that doesn't mind a few hairs out of place between cuts, Bi-Weekly visits to your property may be a better fit. 

Residential Property Maintenance

We offer a full service approach to property maintenance focused on keeping every part of your property pristine.

Our maintenance packages are generally offered on a weekly, or bi-weekly basis. These scheduled site visits allow for consistent weeding and lawn care, coupled with the option to have pruning done at multiple times during the year.

Commercial / Strata Maintenance

We have over a decade's worth of experience offering full service strata maintenance and we're confident we will have your property looking fantastic alt all times during the course of the year.


Hedgetrimming/ Pruning

We offer pruning as both a stand-alone service,  as well as  an add-on with all of our Monthly Packages.

 Hedge trimming is one of the cornerstones of regular property maintenance, and when done correctly regular pruning creates a thicker layer of foliage, promoting more opportunities for flowering during the summer months.

Turf Installation

Premium quality turf can provide an instant upgrade to the look of your lawn area.  

In some cases, the work to rehabilitate a  suffering lawn can take years to to accomplish,  even with regular fertilization and seeding treatments.

New turf can provide that finished look in a fraction  of the time.

Topdressing + Overseeding

Coupled with Aeration, this provides your lawns root system with a direct shot of nutrients to enhance growth and thickness, for a healthy lawn all summer long.

A must have for anyone striving to have the healthiest lawn possible.


Aeration helps with drainage, as well as allows nutrients into the root system of your lawn to keep it gorgeous and green.

If having a lush greenspace is important to you, I'd consider getting your lawn aerated in either the Spring, or the Fall

Nematode Application (Anti-Chafer Beetle Treatment)

Nematodes are an environmentally friendly way to combat Chafer Beetle infestations.  

These Grubs that lie within the root system of your lawn are a food source for various animal life (Raccoons, Crows, etc.) And often leads to these critters tearing up your lawn areas in search for food.

Nematode application has a very short  efficacy window at the end of July/ early August, so booking a service in advance is critical to  the effectiveness of this treatment.


Fertilization is  like steroids for your lawn.

It will accelerate growth and thickness of your lawn area.  However, if paired with bi-weekly lawn service, the accelerated growth can lead to a shaggy look for your lawn.

If your opting for fertilization, it's best to have your lawn cut on a weekly schedule.

Fall Cleanups

Depending on the amount of deciduous trees on your property, fallen leaves may pose a real threat to drains, or driveways.  If you stare out your window at a picturesque view of changing colours every fall, you may want to schedule some fall cleanups.

Leaf buildup can also harm your lawn areas, shading the grass  from the suns rays, and creating patches of soggy lawn prone to disease, and rot. 

Tree Pruning

Trees should generally be  pruned in the winter months when they lie dormant. This causes as little damage to the tree as possible.

Regular pruning leads to a safer, more aesthetic canopy, as well as a lower chance of disease and dangerous conditions.  

Soil/ Mulch/ Rock Installation

Adding soil or mulch to garden beds is one of the most cost-effective ways to  instantly increase your property's curb appeal.  

 Fresh soil and mulch offers an extremely clean look to the property that is  a great option  for any home-owners  in the process of putting their house on the market.

Planting/ Potting

We provide planting and potting services, whether it's installing a 200 foot Cedar hedge , or adding a splash of colour to your property's planters with the addition of perennials.

Lawn Rolling/ Leveling

Over time,  the foot and mower traffic can create large ruts and bumps in your lawn, leading to an uneven look, and potential scalp marks when cutting.

Rolling your lawn in the spring  or fall helps to flatten the turf and create a smooth  even surface that resists scalp marks and allows the turf to be cut shorter, leading to a cleaner, more polished look for your lawn.

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